About Us

Guiding in South Australia was established in 1919 due to the demand from girls wanting to become Girl Guides. Today, Girl Guides South Australia is the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in South Australia with almost 2000 youth members and 500 volunteer Leaders and adult Members.

Girl Guides South Australia is made up of 11 Regions, which contain over 37 Districts throughout South Australia. Each District may be made up of several multi-aged Units, with youth members aged 5 to 17, Leaders (18+) and Junior Leaders (14-17) in various roles.

Girl Guides South Australia is an organisation that creates safe and friendly environments for children and young people where they can: 

  • feel safe and are protected from harm
  • have a say in planning activities and other decisions affecting them
  • are listened to
  • are respected
  • have their best interests considered and upheld 

We are an organisation that welcomes and actively seeks members from all racial, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups. Girl Guides South Australia is a member organisation of Girl Guides Australia and a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).


Girl Guides South Australia continues to meet our Vision to be the leading organisation for girls and young women that:

  • Is relevant and attractive
  • Develops confident, capable and responsible generations for the future
  • Is recognised and acknowledged by the community
  • Is actively involved in society


Girl Guides South Australia is an autonomous organisation which manages its affairs based on the Girl Guides South Australia Constitution with accepted practices and policies set out in Guide Lines. Guide Lines details the requirements of the organisation and incorporates policy, rules of Girl Guides Australia and WAGGGS. The Girl Guides South Australia Board directs the general policy of the Association, providing vision and policy decisions.

Girl Guides Australia

Girl Guides South Australia is a member organisation of Girl Guides Australia, and in turn a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Girl Guides Australia is comprised of seven member organisations, one in each of the six States and the Northern Territory. Over 30,000 girls and women in Australia are Girl Guides. Girl Guides Australia’s responsibilities as a member of WAGGGS are to: 

  • be involved in the policy-making of WAGGGS
  • provide girls and young women with quality Guiding
  • give young women the opportunity to take a decision-making role in Girl Guides Australia
  • fulfil WAGGGS goals and strategic plan
  • ensure efficiency and effective management of Girl Guides Australia, with a suitable structure to meet needs
  • take an active role in the Asia Pacific Region, attending events and communicating with the World Bureau
  • fulfil the conditions of membership as set out in the WAGGGS Constitution  

Visit the Girl Guides Australia website for more details.

The Guide Lines for Girl Guides Australia are online.

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

Girl Guides Australia is one of the Founding Members of WAGGGS which is the largest organisation for girls and women in the world with ten million members in over 145 countries. The WAGGGS World map is made up of five regions Africa Region, Arab Region, Asia Pacific Region, Europe Region and the Western Hemisphere Region. Girl Guides Australia is a member of the Asia Pacific WAGGGS Region. WAGGGS was formed in 1928 and provides a platform for discussion, debate and decision making about issues that affect girls and young women.

Visit the WAGGGS website for more details.