Blue and Gold Society

The Blue and Gold Society was launched in South Australia at a Cocktail Party in March 2007 in con-junction with celebrations of 95 years of Guiding in South Australia.
The Society is affiliated with Girl Guides South Australia, an organisation that offers girls and women challenging programs which foster skills, knowledge and values to enable them to reach their full potential in the community and contribute to good citizenship.
The objective of the Society is to promote the value of the Girl Guides South Australia program to the wider community. To this end, we are seeking men and women who appreciate the value of the Girl Guides program and can, through their community involvement, inform others about how the Girl Guides current program is designed to help girls and young women lead, achieve and succeed.
It is hoped to attract membership from a wide cross section of the community including men and women in business and public life as well as past and present members of Girl Guides South Australia.