Who can join

Joining as a Youth Member 5-17 years

  • If you join Girl Guides between 5-17 you will be a youth member and placed into a Unit.
  • Find your local unit here
  • Units are structured so girls are with their own age group.
  • Unit meetings usually take place once a week during the South Australian school terms for 1-2 hours within a local hall or community space.

Visit our Join Us page for further information.

Take the first step to join Girl Guides by submitting an online enquiry form or visiting your local Guide Unit and introducing yourself.

Joining as an Adult

Leadership and Management Roles

Adults support girls in Guiding in many ways. Most adults volunteer to lead or help at a local Unit, ensuring the girls lead their own program of fun and action. Others take on team leadership roles as District or Region Managers.

The Olave Program

Membership in the Olave Program is open to young women aged 18 to 30.

Trefoil Guild

Over 18, want to stay involved but can’t fit in a leadership role? Your local Trefoil Guild will welcome you to a fellowship of Guiding people who meet regularly for service and socialising.

Past Guide

Have you participated in Guiding? Have you got great memories of camping, the skills you learnt and the friends you made? Please share your stories with us.

Men and Women over 18 years

Blue and Gold membership is open to men and women who wish to promote the value of the Girl Guides South Australia program to the wider community.